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Azue Event Hubs 集成

针对 Microsoft Azure Eventhubs 的 Storm spout 和 bolt 实现


mvn clean package 

运行 topology 示例

要运行 topology 示例, 您需要去修改 文件与 eventhubs 配置. 以下是一个例子:

eventhubspout.username = [username: policy name in EventHubs Portal]
eventhubspout.password = [password: shared access key in EventHubs Portal]
eventhubspout.namespace = [namespace]
eventhubspout.entitypath = [entitypath]
eventhubspout.partitions.count = [partitioncount]

# if not provided, will use storm's zookeeper settings
# zookeeper.connectionstring=zookeeper0:2181,zookeeper1:2181,zookeeper2:2181

eventhubspout.checkpoint.interval = 10
eventhub.receiver.credits = 1024 

然后您可以使用 storm.cmd 来提交 topology 示例:

storm jar {jarfile} {topologyname} {spoutconffile}
where the {jarfile} should be: eventhubs-storm-spout-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar 

运行 EventHubSendClient

我们包括一个简单的 EventHubs send client 用于测试. 您可以像下面这样来运行 client:

java -cp .\target\eventhubs-storm-spout-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar
[username] [password] [entityPath] [partitionId] [messageSize] [messageCount] 

如果想要发送消息到所有的 partition(分区), 使用 "-1" 作为 partitionId.

Windows Azure Eventhubs